"I spend a considerable amount of energy trying to absolve my American, first-world guilt by putting waste to use. My practice is immigrant informed, as the majority of the tools and techniques and ethics I employ in my work were passed down by relatives who have emigrated. There was no such thing as waste in their world, thus I carry that with me in my consumption and the creative endeavors informed by my consumption.

Using what would otherwise be discarded, I marry weaving and sewing techniques with digital photography, traditional painting, and sculpting techniques. The marriage blurs the boundaries and hierarchies of craft, folk, and fine art; the traditional and the contemporary; highbrow and lowbrow; poverty and luxury; waste and treasure.

All waste used in my works is my own, or of people that I know intimately. The texture and tactility of my multimedia works allude to that intimacy, and address both the beauty and crudeness of knowing people profoundly, knowing their alignment within historic narratives, too.


All in all, I approach all works with the fixed philosophy that life is complex, people are complex."

- Albany Andaluz