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During a virtual incubator program with VMLY&R, our clients at Oscar Mayer asked us to bring their campaign to life with an IRL brand activation that wasn't an advertisement. As a member of a team, I was responsible for the art direction and project management.


Our solution was to create moments of joy in the mundane for their target audience. With a modified version of Where's Waldo into interactive daily activities to remind the viewer to prioritize fun. It's nostalgic, yet updated to invite people of all ages to join in on the fun.

Our team's creative pitch won first place with our clients at Oscar Mayer.

Virtual Incubator

The QR at the bottom of each 2D graphic will be activated by the
viewer's device camera. It will open to an AR interaction with the
graphic where the participant will see Waldo at a larger scale.


Interactive graphics were placed to be found in public, physical spaces such as bus stops, train stations, and on held objects (cups, water bottles, and containers) at entertainment events.

Viewers were prompted to activate each graphic through a QR code that reveals the location of Waldo.

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